Your Federal Wage Hour Consultant
Fair Labor Standards Act Expert Witness

Many companies have unknowingly violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and have undetected and extensive federal wage and hour back wage liabilities.

As a result of violating the FLSA, the total cost of potential penalties that may be imposed upon an employer can be severe and, in some cases, may even jeopardize the very existence of a business.

Cutler Consulting Services offers federal wage hour consultant and FLSA expert witness services to the business, government, and legal communities that focuses on a proactive resolution to wage issues involving the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The exceptional “Federal Wage Hour Consultant Compliance Analysis Audit developed and offered by Cutler Consulting can result in a resolution to potential FLSA wage, hours worked, exemption, discrimination, and other federal wage hour labor-related violations.

Cutler Consulting’s federal wage hour consultant programs can be designed to meet your specific FLSA needs.

For more information, a fee schedule, or to schedule a complimentary no-fee initial conference contact Cutler Consulting via e-mail at You may also call at (352) 588-5425, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (EST). 

Cutler Consulting Services looks forward to being of service to you and in serving your federal wage hour consultant and FLSA expert witness services needs.


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