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Willful Violations of the FLSA

No employer wants to be charged with willfully violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The penalties for willful violations of the FLSA are severe and can result in a doubling of the amount of back wages due. The period covered by the scope of a company’s liability and corresponding violations can be increased from two years to three years.

In the case of federal contracts, an employer can be “debarred” and can lose their ability to continue to do business with the federal government.

Protection From a Charge of Willfully Violating the FLSA

A ”Good Faith Defense” is one way to help offset a charge of willfully violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

One of the best means of establishing a “Good Faith Defense” is to have Cutler Consulting Services conduct a “Compliance Analysis Auditof the company’s compensation program.

This action on the part of an employer would clearly demonstrate a willingness to operate in compliance with wage and hour regulations and provide a basis for a “good faith defense.”

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