Your Wage and Hour Consultant and FLSA Expert Specialist
and Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Cutler Consulting Services can be especially helpful in providing unique assistance to an employer or attorney after a regulatory agency has charged an employer with violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act or other labor related laws.

Cutler Consulting Services can provide successful methods and strategies in defending, negotiating, and resolving wage and hour issues involving the FLSA.

The types of support services that Cutler Consulting Services can provide after violations have been found are listed as follows:

  Preliminary assessment of liability or damage claims;
  Containment of monetary damages through investigation and negotiations;
  Analysis and evaluation of opposing experts' reports;
  Financial and economic damage estimates for settlement or mediation;
  Organization of complex compensation and regulatory data for use by employers or other experts;
  Preparation of questions for discovery, deposition, or trial;
  Consultation to assess the strategic role of either economic or statistical testimony;
  Comprehensive and fully documented reports;
  Expert witness testimony at trial, regulatory hearing, or deposition.

Note: Support in litigation may range from an informal assessment of theories and statistical patterns to the preparation of reports and in providing expert witness testimony.

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